My name is Craig Weiss, CEO and Lead Analyst of The Craig Weiss Group and founder of FindAnLMS.

One year ago, I had an epiphany. How could I help consumers find the best learning system for their needs, without having to spend endless amounts of time researching the internet, looking at resources which may be outdated or lacking substance? And how could I do it in such a way, that it brings together my industry knowledge, along with learning system vendors from around the world, via one platform?

That is how FindAnLMS came to be.

It was the first step. But by no means the only step, because launching a platform such as FindAnLMS, needs to be more than a web site. It needs to encompass the space that has grown from just a few vendors to an industry worth an estimated 16 billion dollars.

As a result, we knew we needed a different way, that no one has tried before.

It starts by creating a search platform, that looks like an LMS with a catalog that instead of courses, are vendors where you can read about their details, including functionality along with, viewing and downloading videos and documents. Instead of a learner dashboard, a consumer dashboard.

And, place you, the buyer, as the driver of this platform.

Along the way, we provide you with the ability to send RFPs to vendors, schedule demos and have them appear within your calendar (visible on your consumer home dashboard).

Our goal is to make FindAnLMS, the only place you need to go to research and connect with learning system vendors.

We hope that you will utilize and enjoy the functionality and capabilities located within FindAnLMS. They are designed to provide you with an easy and useful way to finding the right system based on your needs and requirements.

Identify. Select. Engage.

With FindAnLMS.

Thank you,