Finding an LMS is one thing, but finding content is a completely different ballgame. is your platform for all things content, from searching and sampling courses and comparing content providers to using our Course Platform to creating playlists of your content to share. Now, hard specs can help you choose courses and make the most of’s abilities, but you need the inside scoop on all things LXP, LMS, content, and more. 

Craig Weiss’s blog is your premier source for all things content: vendors, news, advice (and of course, the content itself!) — all from the industry’s leading expert. Craig gives you an insider’s view that you can trust. A noted specialist on the entire LMS universe, he discusses content providers, their course offerings, special features, provider reviews, and more. His blog is the only place to visit to receive all of the details you need to make a solid decision.

Course and Content Publishers curates the best publishers in the world for the L&D, Training and other communities seeking courses/content for their learning solutions. 

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A side-by-side detailed comparison view between course and content publishers. 

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Our platform includes a built-in course player, enabling you to take 100% full courses (and samples) in each publisher’s listing. 

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FindContent is two platforms in one. Start on to go in-depth on the publisher’s details, course and content topics and insight. Then jump over to the Course Platform – with playlists, sharing (MS Teams) and the ability to subscribe. 100% free. 

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