eLearning Content Development Companies: Find the Best Courses with Expert Help

As more companies realize the benefits of online learning, e-learning content is becoming more in demand. If your organization isn’t offering upskilling opportunities such as management training to your team, you’re encouraging them to leave for greener pastures. Virtual courses also streamline training and development programs, making course management and administration easier. Most importantly, robust training programs tell your team that you have a vested interest in their development.

Many companies assume they’ll need to invest in course development as part of their elearning initiative, but this simply isn’t true. There are hundreds of businesses specializing in content development, allowing your organization to choose the courses that your team could get the most out of. The trick is remembering that all elearning development companies are not equal. Some offer substantially better training courses than others, and the biggest names tend to be prominent due more to their marketing skills than training content. 

You probably don’t have hours to spend comparing courses from different companies, and with FindContent.io you won’t need to. FindContent.io is a new software tool developed by elearning expert Craig Weiss to give customers all of the info they need to choose the right elearning content development company for their needs. You can create a free account on FindContent.io to get started right now. Or, you can keep reading to learn more about the benefits of third-party content and what makes FindContent.io different from everything else on the market. 

Why should I choose outside elearning and training materials over in-house content creation?

If your organization offers customer training content or conducts onboarding through elearning, in-house course development will be the only option available to you. However, most e-learning content isn’t that personalized. If you want to offer management training to help top team members pursue career advancement within your organization, DEI training to promote workplace harmony, or sales training to help convert more leads into sales, a third-party course offers all of the information you need. Pricing is generally much more affordable than investing time and money into in-house content creation, and the content your organization relies on will be regularly updated. 

If your organization utilizes an LMS (or learning management system), your company stakeholders will be able to see who is taking which courses (and how they are faring) and make strong decisions backed by data. It can be more difficult to prove ROI if you create courses since you aren’t sure whether the content they contain is directly transferable to job performance. 

Best of all, third-party courses ensure the standardization of training materials throughout your organization. Every team member receives the same support, so everyone will be equipped to perform to the best of their capabilities. 

How can I find courses supporting development at every level of my company?

The value third-party courses provide cannot be denied, but finding the right company to provide them is more challenging. Most vendors won’t even let you see a lesson plan before you commit to a purchase, much less a comprehensive content curriculum or an opportunity to explore course content for yourself. 

That’s where FindContent.io comes into play. Weiss only allows top companies into the FindContent database, so you can rest assured that all of the courses you’re looking at are trustworthy. FindContent.io also offers numerous filtration tools to help you zero in on the courses you want. For example, let’s say you’re interested in video courses. You can immediately eliminate vendors who don’t offer video courses and then refine your search by specifying how long you want each video to be. 

Many of the companies in FindContent.io also have a premium tag, adding even more value for you. You can contact them directly, ensuring any questions get answered straight from the source. You can also take full courses yourself to see what your team might get out of the training software. These courses are even sharable, enabling you to solicit feedback from your team before finalizing anything. 

FindContent.io is the best way to research elearning companies

The time to invest in e-learning is now no matter how large or small your organization is. If you have no intention of becoming a content creator but still want to deliver powerful online learning and training to your team at every level, FindContent.io is the best way to get expert help parsing through all of the content and courses available from third parties. Create a free account on FindContent.io today to get started!

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