If your business feels is looking for training content, you’re far from alone. What good is your LMS (or learning management system) if you don’t have any elearning content to offer your learners? However, training content development gets expensive and time-consuming while forcing companies to dedicate resources to things outside of their core competencies. 

There’s a better way to ensure your learners get the training courses they need to fuel professional development: third-party content providers. eLearning content providers are third-party companies specializing in creating courses and selling content to businesses like yours. There are tons of elearning content providers to choose from though, and many organizations struggle to find the right provider for their needs. 

Whether your organization is searching for compliance training materials, custom skills development, or content related to food hygiene, e-learning expert Craig Weiss has launched the perfect app to help you find the best providers. It’s called FindContent.io and is unique among third-party content solutions in that Weiss doesn’t sell courses, instead offering unbiased reviews to help you find the best providers for your organization’s specific needs. Continue reading to learn more about what makes FindContent.io a game-changer for finding elearning content. 

What are elearning content providers and how do they enhance training?

We can define elearning content providers as any companies offering off the shelf, prebuilt courses and other training materials such as books and videos to facilitate educational and workplace development. These providers won’t have courses dedicated to unique attributes of your business such as your company culture or product specifications, but their content is often superior for more general topics such as management training or business skills. You don’t have to invest in course development or hire outside instructors either, saving your organization money. 

Many LMS vendors offer content libraries sourced from dedicated providers, but finding the specific courses your learners need isn’t always easy. You can also look for elearning content outside your LMS, but then you’ll be focusing on providers excelling at marketing more than the development of training materials. Your business deserves expert help finding the right content provider. 

How can FindContent.io help me find trustworthy training content?

When you create a free account on FindContent.io, you’ll immediately receive access to a database of leading elearning content providers curated by Weiss himself. Each listing includes pertinent information such as how content is delivered and which topics are covered, and you can compare up to four providers at a time for maximal flexibility. If something interrupts your training content search, no problem. You can save your progress and go back whenever it’s convenient for you. You can filter your search results in a number of ways too, so you won’t have to look at providers that wouldn’t meet your needs. 

Of course, Weiss offers reviews of all of the providers in the platform. While certain training content vendors paid extra to be included with a “Premium” tab, this designation does not influence Weiss’s reviews or whether they come up in a search. That means you can always trust all of the information you’re seeing. 

Once you have a shortlist of providers to work with, you can jump to the built-in Course Platform to experience courses for yourself. All of the premium providers allow users to enroll in free trials and take full courses without leaving FindContent.io so you can try elearning materials before you buy. Third-party services designed to help a user find the e-learning content their business needs have never before existed without some sort of affiliate program, so Craig Weiss and FindContent.io are breaking new ground. 

Start comparing elearning providers with FindContent.io today

If you cannot find content for your business at all or learners are reporting low satisfaction with the training materials available to them, FindContent.io is the service you have been searching for. With FindContent.io, it’s easy to get accurate reviews on the best providers in the training industry whether they’re any good at marketing or not. You also get expert analysis from Craig Weiss, one of the leading voices in the elearning industry, to help you make a great decision for your business. 
Getting started is easy. Just create a free account on FindContent.io to begin taking advantage of all of the powerful features available. There is no better way to find the training content professionals need to pursue their career goals.

Course and Content Publishers

FindContent.io curates the best publishers in the world for the L&D, Training and other communities seeking courses/content for their learning solutions. 

Compare Content Providers

A side-by-side detailed comparison view between course and content publishers. 

View and Take Courses and Content

Our platform includes a built-in course player, enabling you to take 100% full courses (and samples) in each publisher’s listing. 

Access the Course Platform

FindContent is two platforms in one. Start on FindContent.io to go in-depth on the publisher’s details, course and content topics and insight. Then jump over to the Course Platform – with playlists, sharing (MS Teams) and the ability to subscribe. 100% free. 

Gather Insight. View Courses. Compare.

Finding a content and course publisher has never been so easy!