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If your organization lacks some kind of employee training or professional development program, you’re already behind the curve. Workers value employers with an active interest in their development, making them more likely to stay or accept a job offer than they otherwise would be. Training in-house employees can also help a business add skills to the workplace they wouldn’t be able to afford on the open market. Effective training increases employee productivity and contributes to a broader culture valuing professional development as well. 

If you understand the value of training but feel that writing course content is too big of a time commitment, you should know that great training doesn’t require producing your own content in most cases. Indeed, you can find fantastic training materials from third-party content providers on topics such as emotional intelligence, sales, compliance training, technical skills, and more. The trick is finding the right training content publisher for your organization, and can help with that. is a cutting-edge employee training resource designed to take the pain out of developing training content. Every vendor on the platform has been vetted by e-learning industry expert Craig Weiss, so you can trust that your employees will have a great experience. You can also compare training content side-by-side to find the best fit for your business. Employees can also take full training courses using the built-in course player. You can create a free account on to learn more about these features and leverage them for your workplace training needs today!

Eight common employee training topics

Here are eight training topics your team might be asking for:

1. Safety training

Safety is essential in every workplace, and safety training covers everything from generic topics (fire prevention, lockdown drills) to industry-specific topics like how to use heavy equipment and the proper disposal of potentially harmful chemicals. If your organization is in a field where safety is regulated by the government, having a set program can help ensure compliance. If not, your team will still appreciate your efforts to provide them with a safe work environment. Safety programs may also reduce corporate liabilities should something go awry, making it comparable to insurance in a way. 

2. Skills training

Technology is advancing rapidly, and 58% of employees need to develop new technical skills to perform their work, according to Gartner. Skills training will help your business close this skills gap by upskilling and reskilling existing employees. For example, someone in the accounting department could learn programming skills or your marketing department could invest in social media training. Most courses of this type target specific skills, making it easy to find a development path for every employee. 

3. Team training

Team training typically entails intense training on interpersonal communication skills, process improvement and management, and setting goals at all levels of your organization. This type of training becomes especially important after a leadership change and during mergers, but the collaboration and relationships that develop are a good way to boost productivity at any time. Learning how to operate better as a team will also make your employees more effective problem solvers. 

4. Management training

Management training (sometimes called leadership training) is designed to help employees with the transition from an individual contributor to a leader for your business. Topics covered may include employee development, delegation, and providing appropriate feedback. Leadership training will also help employees envision a path to professional growth without leaving your organization, helping you hire ambitious people who aspire to become managers someday. 

5. DEI programs for employees

DEI (or Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) training fosters a workplace where employees are encouraged to leverage their disparate backgrounds for the betterment of the business, all while developing emotional intelligence and the ability to communicate with others respectfully. DEI training covers sensitive topics such as racism and sexual harassment and has the potential to backfire spectacularly when companies with minimal expertise try to go it alone. Of all the training topics on this list, finding expert help with DEI training could be the most important.  

6. Soft skills development topics

Soft skills like emotional intelligence, empathy, and time management aren’t as easy to quantify as hard skills like coding, but they’re essential in every workplace. Coaching is usually an essential component of soft skills training, but there are topics content providers can cover too. For example, a tutorial on scheduling software could help employees develop more effective time management skills. 

7. Sales staff development

Dedicated sales training can turn competent salespeople into revenue-generating forces for your organization or business. Sales training can cover everything from how to identify promising leads to choosing the right pitch for a particular situation. Furthermore, sales training often includes elements of product training so your reps can better explain the features and benefits of your product offering to prospective customers. Sales training is especially important in a B2B context where you’re frequently asking another company to make a major financial commitment. 

8. Compliance

Compliance training is virtually synonymous with employee training because many organizations place compliance at the center of their employee development efforts. Topics like finance and construction have set government regulations, and failure to comply could result in loss of licensure or severe fines. In-house training may not qualify for continuing education credits or recertification either, forcing your organization to turn to third parties for the training your staff needs. Finding the right training content is essential. 

FindContent is your source for professional development content

With so many training topics out there, your business should focus on creating content around your specific products and policies and let third-party services handle the rest of your employee training needs. is a great place to find reliable primers on management, trustworthy DEI training approaches, and nearly anything else you might need for your employee development program. Create a free account on today to learn more about the training content available to your organization!

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