Great Content Is the Key to Successful Corporate eLearning

Organizations of all sizes are rapidly realizing the benefits of e-learning programs. A business can save thousands of dollars by investing in e-learning instead of instructor-led training because you don’t have to pay for travel, room and board, single-use content, or the instructor’s time. Employees can also complete courses more quickly with online learning, taking advantage of interactive training materials such as videos to deepen their understanding of course content. Corporate programs even give employees more control over which courses they take while easing administration with learning management features. If your business doesn’t have a corporate e-learning program yet, you’re preventing your employees from accessing the tools they need for professional development. 

Naturally, an e-learning campaign is only as good as the content employers provide, and this frequently turns into a sticking point. Many companies offer third-party employee training materials, but they rarely allow prospective buyers to sample courses or provide accurate outlines of which corporate training topics they cover. This turns finding content aligned with your organization’s learning objectives into a high-stakes guessing game. After all, you cannot expect your employees to take your e-learning campaign seriously if your content isn’t relevant to their job roles or development goals. 

Craig Weiss, a thought leader in the e-learning space, is solving this problem with a new corporate education platform called FindContent. FindContent allows any business to quickly compare top third-party content providers based on a variety of criteria to find the right courses for their employees. It’s free to use, and you can create an account right now to get started. And continue reading to learn more about why a platform such as FindContent is such a critical resource in the corporate training world. 

Corporate training is more than learning onboarding procedures

When most people think of corporate training programs, the first things that spring to mind are safety training, onboarding, compliance training, and other mundane topics. Learning this info is essential in any corporate environment, and e-learning allows instructors to use engagement tools like gamification and timed events to make training more interesting for employees. In fact, awards may improve employee engagement and morale. 

Hosting training materials online ensures content standardization even if your corporate learning audience is located all over the globe, and employees everywhere can access courses whenever and wherever they like. Plus, if your team is pursuing professional certificates or recertification, online training makes it easier to monitor their progress and intervene whenever an employee falls behind as well. 

While all of that is great, your business has other training needs that aren’t always considered in a corporate setting. For example, many employees cite a lack of development opportunities as a reason for leaving their previous employers. Training can both improve employee engagement and give your business access to skills it wouldn’t be able to afford on the open market. Offering current employees upskilling and reskilling opportunities can improve your employee retention rate and help you avoid the cost of replacement. An LMS (or learning management system) can also keep track of who is training on particular skills, making it easier to find qualified candidates for in-house promotion. 

Similarly, inclusivity and DEI training can help your employees feel more comfortable at work while reducing your organization’s exposure to potential lawsuits. This type of training focuses on communication skills and learning how to effectively work with others, fostering a cohesive corporate culture regardless of any differences in race, religion, ethnicity, age, and more. Employees often produce more innovative ideas after completing inclusivity courses successfully, but the sensitive nature of the content means that it has the potential to backfire if it isn’t presented the right way. 

Now, let’s review: So far, your organization needs courses for onboarding, compliance, safety, inclusivity, upskilling, reskilling, and professional development. That’s a lot of learning to manage! Finding a unique content provider for each area is extremely time-consuming, especially since third-party content providers are rarely upfront about exactly what tools they offer. As a result, many organizations choose to attempt to produce their own learning materials. 

Creating corporate and employee training materials is a hassle

Wanting to produce your own training materials is understandable, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. Likewise, e-learning carries unique needs that education professionals often struggle with. If the pros cannot give students the tools they need to succeed, how will your in-house program do it?

Consider the scale of this project, too. The breadth of corporate e-learning topics is massive, so we’re probably talking about designing 50+ courses from scratch. Does your business have the time and financial resources for that kind of commitment? Do you even know what types of content your employees are searching for? 

Similarly, your learning platform may lack authoring tools or offer something you can only use with coding experience. If office staff lacks content creation experience, the courses they produce likely won’t be as engaging as learning materials developed by experts. Third-party authoring tools are available, but then you have to verify whether it’s compatible with your LMS. 

All of this is a headache that can be avoided if you find great third-party content, which brings us to the benefits of a platform like FindContent. 

FindContent can help you find content for any e-learning campaign

FindContent is two tools in one for maximal flexibility. First, allows you to compare up to four third-party content providers at once. You can save your favorites, sort by duration and topic, and even look for popular e-learning options such as polling and videos. Every provider on has been vetted by Craig Weiss, so all of the listed companies provide quality content. 

Once you’ve narrowed down a shortlist, you can shift over to the Course Platform to sample learning materials for yourself. Every provider with a “premium” tab offers online training content free of charge, and you can share it with your employees if you want learner feedback before finalizing a purchase decision. This is brand new in the e-learning industry, and additional content suppliers will be added as Weiss’s program gains traction. 

Most importantly, FindContent is a trustworthy resource. Weiss doesn’t sell e-learning content or endorse any companies that do, nor does he receive a percentage of any sales from the site. Premium vendors pay a little more to sync their content to the FindContent Course Platform, but the platform’s built-in filter tools don’t give them any special treatment. Weiss created FindContent to help every business find e-learning content in as accurate and unbiased a manner as possible, and that’s exactly what it does. 

Take your organization’s employee training to the next level with FindContent

Launching an e-learning campaign presents unique challenges, and one of the biggest is finding the training materials your employees deserve. e-Learning expert Craig Weiss has created FindContent as a solution for comparing learning material suppliers, and you can use it to find whatever you might need for your training program. You no longer need to try authoring training materials yourself or rely on happenstance to find corporate learning materials. 

Getting started is as easy as creating a free account on FindContent, so what are you waiting for? FindContent provides all of the tools your business needs to effectively drive stronger performance through training that empowers your employees!

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