Which eLearning Production Companies Provide the Training Content Your Business Needs?

If your LMS (or learning management system) has any kind of third-party content marketplace, you already know that hundreds of businesses create elearning materials. These elearning materials range from videos on hygiene training to software dedicated to helping salespeople explain the features and benefits of a product, so finding the right content for your company can feel like an impossible task. Worse, some production companies are better at marketing than creating content, meaning the best courses don’t always come from the biggest names. 

You would need decades of experience to determine which production companies are the best, and that’s where Craig Weiss comes in. Weiss is a thought leader in the elearning space with particular expertise in the LMS market, a role that has introduced him to the best and worst online training providers. Weiss is using this experience to launch his latest project: FindContent.io. 

FindContent.io is an ambitious project with twin goals. First, it offers reviews and unbiased information on the leading companies in the elearning space. Second, you can demo complete courses and share them with management and employees to make sure you find the online learning product your company needs. Nobody in the elearning industry has ever attempted this without trying to profit from it before, making FindContent.io something brand new. You can create a free account on FindContent.io to get started right now or continue reading to learn more about elearning content production. 

What are elearning companies?

An elearning company can be defined as any business looking to educate people through software of some kind. The scope is highly variable and may be interpreted in different ways by different people. For example, LMS vendors could be considered part of the elearning community because their product is dedicated to online training. Third-party content makers are also part of the elearning community because they assist in professional development by teaching new skills or sharing niche-specific knowledge. Other examples of elearning companies include makers of course authoring tools, management of online training programs, and solutions such as FindContent.io. 

Why should I trust elearning companies with my business’s training content?

Every company needs great training content to make its elearning campaign a success, but the process of sourcing content is variable. Some businesses choose to create their own courses. Content development makes the most sense for topics specific to your company such as product training and showing new hires your corporate mission. However, production companies are more affordable for training on general topics such as leadership or project management. 

Most businesses will find all of the quality training materials they need for their learners in an elearning company’s catalog, so authoring courses is seldom required. Your company will know what value training courses offer, and management can use course performance for internal promotion purposes. Outsourcing content development also ensures standardization of training, ensuring all team members receive an equal opportunity to succeed. 

Where can I turn for expert help finding elearning resources such as instructional video?

Look no further than FindContent.io if you’d like expert help finding quality elearning production companies. Weiss is only letting the companies producing the best content on the platform, so every vendor has been thoroughly vetted. Here are the 10 companies that were included shortly after the project launched:

  • OpenSesame
  • MindChannel
  • BizLibrary
  • Intellezy
  • GO1
  • Bigger Brains
  • Video Arts
  • iAM Learning
  • The Access Group – Access Learning
  • PluralSight

Some of these are known primarily as third-party training content vendors, while others are better known for their learning management systems. Regardless, you can read up on all of them at FindContent.io. 

Looking for head-to-head content provider comparisons? You can compare up to four companies at once on FindContent.io. Are you searching for specific delivery mechanisms such as virtual instructor-led training (vILT) or educational video? FindContent.io offers powerful search tools to limit your search to precisely what you’re looking for. 

The best part of FindContent.io is what you can do with premium listings. Production companies can pay extra for access to the course platform built directly into the software. With this, you can take courses and share them with others in your company without leaving FindContent.io. Again, all of this functionality is free to use and neither Weiss nor FindContent.io will try to sell you anything. 

Make the most out of elearning with FindContent.io

Finding content isn’t always fun, and it definitely isn’t easy. However, Craig Weiss and FindContent.io are disrupting the elearning industry by helping companies of all sizes find the content they need to drive employee development and performance. Create a free account on FindContent.io to get started right now!

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